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Serp Takes Over TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
    abewhite - 2002-03-25 14:19   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
The Serp project at has taken over development of the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit, and has released a new version with enhanced functionality and ease-of-use. Unfortunately, the new version is not backwards-compatible, but we feel that its benefits, now and as development on it continues, are worth the price of migration. There will be no further development on the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit... use Serp instead!
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Macromedia to use TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit in JRun
    abewhite - 2002-03-25 14:19   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
Macromedia will use the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit in an upcoming version of its well-known JRun software.
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Apache Axis Chooses the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
    abewhite - 2002-03-25 14:17   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
The Apache Axis project, part of the suite of Apache XML projects, has chosen to use the TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit.
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TT Bytecode Toolkit used to create Kodo JDO
    abewhite - 2001-05-30 07:40   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
The TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit was used to create the bytecode enhancer for Kodo JDO, a Java Data Objects implementation for relational databases. Kodo JDO is available from:
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New TT Bytecode Toolkit Homepage
    abewhite - 2001-02-13 23:38   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
The TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit homepage has been updated.
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TT Bytecode Framework v2.0 Released!
    abewhite - 2001-02-13 20:29   -   TechTrader Bytecode Toolkit
Version 2.0 has finalized the structure of the tookit, and makes the TT bytecode toolkit the easiest-to-use bytecode enhancement/creation framework out there (though I'm a little biased :). Major improvements in this release include opcode search/replace functionality, auto-morphing of opcodes for changing data types, constant values, etc (example: an iload_1 instruction will automatically become aload_1 if the type is changed from 'int' to an Object type), more convenience instructions for when the exact opcode to use isn't easy to figure out, the addition of a 'visitor' package implementing the Visitor pattern for bytecode entities, and a hashing scheme on the constant pool to increase performance. Also, a new project homepage to replace the current significantly outdated one is in the works, but the shell server seems to be down for now. Happy coding.
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